Expect More from Campos

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June 1, 2016
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January 10, 2017

Expect More from Campos


In today’s world, space exploration is a new phenomenon…again. Sustainability factors impact decisions, and innovation is applied to everything from suitcases to laundry soap. There is no reason to be satisfied with status quo. We could not agree more.

Campos Engineering (Campos) has been operating consistently and successfully since 1983. Yet, we are motivated to move the firm forward with change. We have been focusing on few key items to progress Campos’ service offerings and our stakeholders’ expectations.

  • We have invested in software that allows field work to be shared with clients in real time. One of Campos’ specialties is testing, adjusting and balancing of HVAC systems. The status quo for providing this type of service involves many coordination meetings, loads of paper and frequent visits to the jobsite. Our clients have been delighted with new software that shares information in a simplistic format, offers more detail for those interested and updates in real time.


  • We conduct internal workshops to continuously simplify processes and work more effectively. Recently, Campos’ Marketing team outlined the firm’s existing pursuit strategy. We were amazed by the number of actions and people involved! We cleaned up the process by shortening the amount of steps, assigning people to be held accountable to each step and even introducing some new tools to automate steps, such as the Go-No Go form.


  • We host internal forums throughout the year for employees to present new ideas. Campos knows that the way to progress can be answered by the people that represent the firm. That’s why the firm provides many types of opportunities to share creative ideas. During last month’s internal Town Hall, employees listed ways they would like to learn about Accounting procedures, requested a virtual comment section and offered technical materials helpful for new employees and cross training.

You can expect more from Campos….including our ability to listen.

To Campos’ clients, employees and associates, we encourage you to continue sharing your experiences. Reach out to our People to ask questions about the advancements we’ve made and to share your ideas. Follow us on Linkedin for the latest updates. Continue checking our website for new information and to post your comments. Talk soon!


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